Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Cantante Repost

Chapter 31 on FFn

Chapter 31 on TWCS

Chapter 31 on AO3

Back to reality.
Back to classes.
Double fuck.
Back to rehearsals.
Triple fuck.
Back to Alice.
And you are telling Edward to not move into an apartment because…
Shut it! Edward having an apartment would sweet. I mean really sweet, but it’s entirely unnecessary. He paid to live on campus as did I.
The school can refund your on-campus living expenses and you can use that money to live in the apartment with Edward, you idiot.
He said that he’d just look. That doesn’t mean that he would sign a lease tomorrow. I said that there is no harm in LOOKING. So, I’ll encourage him to look and cross that bridge when and if he finds a place that he likes.
Living in sin is quite fun. You should try it. WITH EDWARD! Why deny the handsome, bronze-headed hottie who wants to jump your bones at every opportunity. He smells good and is definitely easy on the eyes. DAMN!
I really need to curtail this inner-monologue thing. People might think that I’m crazy, or something.
Too late!

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