Monday, July 15, 2013

The Next Chapter Update...

Chapter Twenty on FFn

Chapter Twenty on TWCS

“I swear, I want to kill Emmett,” Rose said as she shifted uncomfortably on the couch. “He’s at the state championships with his baseball team and I’m about to pop.”

“I’m sorry, Rose,” I frowned, handing her some water. Evan was sleeping in his pack and play in the family room. My children were watching some show, being quiet while I talked with Rose. “It’s not like it’s intentional.”

“No, he knew that I was going to be close to giving birth when he accepted the coach position during state,” Rose snarled. “Emmett just didn’t expect them to go all of the way to the state finals. The team, prior to Emmett taking over, honestly sucked. Now, they’re at state and I’m the size of a house. Once I’m able, I’m sooooooooooo kicking Emmett’s ass.”

“Swear jar, Auntie Ro,” Marie said absentmindedly.

“The kid’s got ears like a hawk,” she snickered. “Marie, Auntie Ro can’t move. Can you please put the money into the swear jar?”

“You really should,” Marie said as she got up, scowling at Rose. “But, since you’ve got a baby in your belly, I’ll help.” Marie leaned down and kissed Rose’s belly. “Come out soon, baby. I want to meet you.”

“That was very sweet, Marie,” I said as I watched Marie put the dollar into the swear jar. She grinned and skipped back to her spot next to David, watching the television. “Rose, do you want to just stay here until Emmett gets back? If you go into labor…”

“That sounds like a good idea,” she breathed.

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