Sunday, July 21, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

Chapter Nine on FFn

A Christmas Anniversary to Remember on TWCS

A Christmas Anniversary to Remember on AO3

“Can’t we just finish wrapping the Foundation presents with gift bags?” Owen grumbled. “I’ve got so many paper cuts.”
“We don’t have any more bags, Owen,” Masen replied, trying to make a too small piece of wrapping paper fit on a present. “Plus, we’re running out of paper, too. When will Kyra, Mia and Dad be back with more paper?”
“Your dad just texted me and they’re on the way back from Target,” I said, putting a bow on a girl’s present. “We have to finish these for the party at the Foundation in Schaumburg tomorrow. We’ve got roughly fifty presents to go.” My boys groaned. “Oh, hush. The kids at the Foundation don’t have all you have, buckos.”
“We know,” Masen said as he managed to make his present work, putting a frilly bow on top. “It’s just the process of wrapping them. Now we know why Dad always puts your presents into gift bags.”
“Dad’s a smart man, Mase,” Owen snickered.
“Mensa material,” Masen smirked.
“You two should follow his lead. It’ll get both of you good girls,” I said. “Your father got me with his sweet, geeky ways.”
“Dad is not a geek,” Owen scoffed.
“Owen, he does have his geeky moments but it’s what makes Dad, Dad,” Masen smiled, grabbing a smaller gift and tackling it with the wrapping paper in front of him. “We all have our geeky moments, right Mom?”
“You’re right, Mase,” I said, kissing his chocolate curls. “I live for my romance novels and get lost in reading. Your father is all about computers and technology. Not to mention music, too. Though, that’s a geeky element for me as well.”
“Wait a minute. You and music?” Owen asked, his brows shooting to his hairline.
“Yeah. I can play the piano and sing. I’ve dabbled with a guitar but not too much,” I said, looking at Owen. “Didn’t you know that?”
“No!” they both laughed.
“I’m assuming you want to hear proof?”
“Yes,” they smirked, dragging me away from the table and into the music room.

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