Monday, July 29, 2013

Starlet Update

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Chapter Seventeen on TWCS
Bella and I spent nearly two and half days in my bed after the whirlwind tour around the world. All of it was spent sleeping. Okay, not all of it. We did drag some pizza and beer into bed, but for the most part, we were down for the count. Traveling the globe over the course of three weeks and a day, not highly recommended, let me tell you.
The only reason why Bella and I were up today was so that she could go back to her condo, do some laundry and start packing up her place so we could move into our new home after the holidays. We were closing on the house in a day and half, meeting with Eleazar’s associate, Thomas, to sign the paperwork and get the keys.
I couldn’t fucking wait.
I also couldn’t fucking wait until Christmas Eve. With the help of my cousin, I was going to have our new house decorated, a piano delivered and I was going to propose to Bella Swan. I picked up the ring in New York City, hiding it in my luggage for the entire trip around the world.
However, that was a six days away. So, begrudgingly, Bella was leaving my apartment and heading to her condo to do her stuff while I worked on packing up the rest of my stuff. Tomorrow, Good Will was coming to pick up a majority of my furniture, plates, silverware and a ton of clothing as a donation. The only thing I was keeping was my bed and a handful of boxes which were coming with me when I moved into the house with Bella.
After I dropped Bella off, kissing her senseless in the garage of her condo, I drove back to my apartment only to find my cousin, Alice, sitting on my couch. “Welcome home!” she sang.
“You’re so not getting a key to the house, Tinker,” I snickered, knowing full-well that she was going to get a key. I needed her help with the proposal.

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