Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Starlet Update...

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Around the World in Three Weeks on TWCS

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I'm so fucking tired. Why in the hell did we spend all night making love? Right, we celebrated the offer on the house. The accepted offer. Edward and I were going to move into a brand new, four thousand square foot home with a pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I couldn't wait to make love to him in that massive pool. I definitely was giddy with anticipation over him taking me in front of the window, pounding me from behind.
Gah…I really need to stop. I'm getting wet and well, my poor pussy is so sore from all of the lovemaking/fucking we've been doing.
"Stop squirming, Bella. I need to cover the dark-ass circles under your eyes," Ginny hissed at me. "What the hell were you doing last night?"
"Celebrating," I smirked.
"Fucking. You were fucking. Lucky girl," she snorted. "But, now, I've got to cover the consequences. I need the heavy-duty spackle, damn it."
"Bite me, bitch," I growled playfully. She rolled her eyes and finished addressing the mess that was my face. Once deemed suitable, I went into the room for my interviews. For six hours, I talked with members of the press about the movie, my life, Midnight Dawn and Edward. I evaded the conversations about Edward, just saying that we were, indeed a couple, and were very happy with each other.
New York






Paul...Ginny's man

Flowers from Edward





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