Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter Thirty One on FFn

Chapter Thirty-One on AO3

Chapter Thirty-One on TWCS
"Something's wrong," Charlie grumbled. He had moved us to one of the trauma rooms. "Jacob should be back by now. Fucking, good for nothing asshole. He guaranteed me that this would work."
"You really believed him?" Alice snarked as she finished suturing my arm. "Jacob is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He got himself fired. He wasn't careful and you believed him that he could get you your drugs and you can walk out of here like it was no big deal? Have you looked out the window?"
"I'd shut your mouth, bitch," Charlie spat, whipping his gun up. "I made a promise to your fucktard boyfriends but who's to say that I follow through."
"It doesn't matter. You're going down, regardless of what happens," Alice said, finishing my stitches. "It's only a matter of time." Charlie roared and grabbed Alice by the throat, tossing her across the trauma room.
Charlie started smacking Alice. "This is all Jacob's fault. Worthless piece of shit. You two will pay for his mistakes." His fist closed and he was about to punch Alice.
"Stop it!" I screamed.
Charlie turned and glared at me. His eyes were black fire. 

Gun that shot Bella

Flowers from Lauren

Flowers from Cynthia

Flowers from Carlisle and Esme

Flowers from Angela

Flowers from Garrett and Alice

Flowers from Edward

Flowers from Rose and Emmett

Spa day...

Comfy Pajamas


Dreaded walker (these things SUCK!)

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