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La Cantante Repost

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After such a perfect concert, night, morning, bath, everything, Bella and I drove back to Emerson. Personally, I would have loved to stay in our bubble of happiness and sex. Alas, we had commitments we had to attend to.
A small smile was on her lips, as was on mine. I was in awe of her. She was the best thing that ever happened to me in my short life. She was the reason of my existence. She made me truly happy. Her gift of her virtue made my heart swell. The fact that she trusted me, loved me enough to give such a precious gift gave me tingles.
Again, sigh…
God, I sound like a fucking girl. Stop it, Cullen!
We were nearly back to campus when Bella's phone rang. Her brow furrowed as she looked at the caller ID.
"Anybody you know? Not the unknown caller again?" I asked.
"No. I think it's one of the detectives. Hello?" she asked tentatively. She listened intently to what the caller had to say. Her hand grasped mine. I mouthed "What?" She held up a finger, indicating for me to wait. I held my breath until she got off the phone. She thanked whoever was on the phone and hung up.
"That was Detective Lutz. They worked with the District Attorney in Port Angeles to get a subpoena of the users of the internet café there. Jacob wasn't one of them. However, he mentioned someone that I knew from when I lived in Forks. He said that Leah Clearwater used one of the computers on the day the email was sent. She's always had a crush on Jacob for as long as I could remember. She's a few years older than me and has a brother, Seth, who is my age. He decided to go to college in the area. Detective Lutz suspects that it could be her who sent the email. Nothing is concrete, they did a good job erasing their tracks," Bella said, her voice wavering.
"This is good news, though. We know that Jacob is involved and not some random schmoe off the street. What else did Detective Lutz say?" I asked as I kissed her palm.
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