Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

The next week dragged. I mean, dragged! Working overnights sucks. It sucks even more when you’re stuck working with people you don’t necessarily care for. Alice was working days and Angela was out of town for some family thing with her cousin who was graduating from college or something in the Pacific Northwest. I was paired up with Jessica, Lauren and another one of their cronies, a new nurse named Britney. Now, Lauren ignored me for the most part. Jessica and Britney were being bitchy and mean to me.

Couple that with working overnight when you should be sleeping and you’ve got a miserable situation.

Suffice it to say, I journaled a lot while I worked my stint of overnights.

I dragged my body home after my fifth consecutive overnight shift and I was half-asleep, wanting nothing more than to go to bed for an entire day. I prayed that they were not doing any work on James’ apartment because I fucking needed sleep.

As I walked toward my apartment, I noticed Jasper standing outside of my apartment building. He was smoking and pacing in front of the main entrance. What does he want?  I wanted to turn around and head to Edward’s home, to avoid the confrontation with Jasper. Much to my dismay, he saw me and stomped out his cigarette, jogging over to me.

“Hey Bella,” he said somberly.

“Hi,” I said curtly. “What do you want, Jasper?”

“Can we talk?” he asked, nervously twisting his hands. 


  1. GAH!! cruel cruel teasing woman!!

  2. No!!! You're not seriously leaving it there, are you? That's just mean!!! :( LOL

  3. Ok i so cant wait to read this chapter. What the hell does Jasper want with Bella?