Friday, October 5, 2012

A Ilha do Amor Update...

Chapter Six on FFn

Chicken and Confessions on TWCS

Chicken and Confessions on AO3

"Edward, do you want to go to Rio tonight or wait until early tomorrow?" Rose asked. "Alice seems really anxious to go. Plus, I have a great deal from the Fasano Hotel in Rio."

"Book it for tonight and tomorrow," I said as I quickly finished my work on my laptop. "I'm going to call mom and let her know that we're going to the mainland to get the new caps, among other things. I'm also going to check on a new distributor for our food and alcohol. I was crunching numbers and Zafrina isn't going to work. She's too expensive"

"You could always go back Nahuel," Rose said.

"He wasn't reliable," I sighed. "Besides, this is something that I should have done a while ago. Emmett and I talked about it and we're going on the hunt for new distributors for food and drink while you, Alice, Bella and Jasper spend the day shopping and such in Rio."

"But you will let my husband out to go clubbing, right?" Rose asked, arching a brow.

"I may even come, too," I said, shooting her a tentative grin.

"You won't be pulling any of your skanky tricks, will you? There were only three rooms left in the hotel and you're rooming with Bella. Oh and it's a king bed."

I'm going to implode from too much sexual tension. GAH! No humping the beautiful woman that will be sharing my bed. Friends. I need to be friends.

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