Saturday, September 29, 2012

Starlet Teaser

“I still can’t believe that you have a dirty mouth,” I giggled. “I never expected it. You are so sweet and loving. To hear you sound so gritty, it does things to my girlie bits.”

“Such as?” he prompted, arching a brow.

I leaned over and licked his earlobe. “It makes me wet, Edward,” I purred. “I’m still wet from our time together.”

“How wet?” he asked gruffly. “Show me.”

“Here?” I asked, smirking slightly. He looked at me and his eyes were darkened with desire. My smirk grew and I leaned back over to my side of the car, undoing my jeans. I slid my hand into my pants and into my barely-there panties. As I had said, I was still wet from our time together. I swirled my finger along my clit and dipped it into my pussy. “Hmmm, I wish this was you, Edward.”

“Fuck, I’m trying to drive, Bella,” he choked out. “Let me see how fucking wet you are, dolcezza. Give me your fingers.” I smiled and removed them from my panties, holding it up for his inspection. “Soaked. You’re soaked.” He took my hand and wrapped his lips around my finger, relishing in the taste of my pussy. He growled lowly as he released my finger and stared at me.  “I want you, so badly, Bella. Fucking traffic.”

“I could…” I said, wiggling my fingers, “give you a free show.”

“No, baby. I want you. As tempting as it is to see you play with yourself, I want to be an active participant,” he said. 

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