Friday, September 14, 2012

A Ilha do Amor Update

Chapter Two on FFN

Tales of a Manwhore on TWCS

Tales of a Manwhore on AO3

"No, I needed that delivery a week ago, Nahuel," I growled. "We need our alcohol for the bars and we're running dangerously low."

"Senor Cullen, our boat is not functioning," he said in a heavy Brazilian accent. "The part we need is on backorder. It won't be delivered until the end of the week. The earliest we can get out to the island is this coming weekend."

"Nahuel, that just won't work," I grunted. Despite the horrific phone call I was experiencing, I was getting the best blowjob. Ever. The girl sitting between my legs was sucking my cock and massaging my balls, staring up at me hungrily. I muted the phone call as Nahuel babbled in Portuguese. "Play with your pussy, beautiful," I commanded her. She groaned and her hand moved from my balls to between her legs. Her bare pink pussy was glistening with her arousal as she rolled her clit with her fingers and sucked my dick with her red lips. I turned back to the phone call, "Nahuel," I snapped, "If I don't have my alcohol in a day's time, we will get our supply of alcohol from Zafrina's from now on. I'll know you're response based upon whether or not your boat comes with my tequila, rum and vodka." I hung up on his yelling as I neared my release. "Come up here, baby."








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