Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Ilha do Amor ~ Teaser

My dreams were filled with oceans, palm trees, salty air and natives with bright green eyes who had an affinity to drool. One of the natives was getting ready to give me my happy ending from my massage when he opened his mouth. He started singing, ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It.’

What the fuck?

I peeled back an eyelid and groaned when my cell phone was vibrating on the nightstand. The light from the screen dimly lit the room. I swiped the phone and glowered at the caller ID. Parents. “Shit! I forgot to call them!” I picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Oh good, you’re alive and not dead in the gutter anywhere,” Renee breathed.

“I could be tied up in a dark room and my abductors could be holding the phone to my ear,” I snickered. 
My mom growled. “Kidding, Ma. I’m just kidding.”

“Don’t tease like that, Isabella. I would have been happier if you were going on your ‘singlemoon’ in the states. Not fricking Brazil,” she grumbled.

“Awwww, are you jealous, Mom?” I snorted.

“I’m not jealous. I’m worried. My baby girl is a half a world away in South America with strangers.”

“Mom, I’m not with strangers. I made a friend on the plane and ironically enough, it’s her family that owns the resort I was going to staying at. She kind of adopted me and I’m staying with her, not at the resort. Plus her family refunded me the money of the trip since I’m not staying at the resort,” I explained.

“Tell me about this girl. Your dad can run a background check,” Renee said sternly.

“Mom, stop. Don’t you trust me?” I asked, slightly hurt that my mom didn’t trust my people reading skills. I mean, really. Alice’s family owned a fucking island! Yes, her ex-boyfriend is a fucktard but Alice is a cool chick.

“Of course I do, Bella,” she sighed. “Anyhow, Tyler came over to the house today.”

“And I care about this why?” I snarled.

“He dropped off all of your stuff that you left at his apartment,” Renee explained. “He also said that he and Eric are going to be moving to San Francisco for Eric’s new job as a head chef. Tyler has already been offered a position at the paper in San Francisco in the sports department.”

“Good for him,” I said dryly. “Look, Mom. I’m tired. A day of travel kicked my ass. I was asleep when you called and I’d like to get back to sleep.”

“Fine, Bella,” Renee said. “Call if you need anything. Love you, baby girl.”

“Love you, too,” I replied, hanging up the phone. Too fucking bad that I was wide awake now. God damn it. 

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