Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Starlet Teaser

“So, where are we going, Jake?” I asked as I fluffed my hair.

“We’re going out to eat and then heading to a club. This is great news, Bella. A major franchise with Carlisle Cullen as the director! Did you fuck him? I bet he loved pounding into your tight little pussy,” Jacob said as he put his meaty hand on my thigh.

“Fuck you, you ass! I didn’t fuck him!” I snarled. “And keep your paws away from me.” I grabbed his thumb and tossed it back to his side of the car.

“Awww, come on, baby,” Jacob wheedled as his hand moved back to my thigh. “You know I like you. Why not seal the deal?”

“I’d rather eat my own shit,” I said flatly. “Jacob, seriously, it’s not professional…”

“Jesus! You’re going to pull that crap? Professional? Bella, you’re such a fucking slut.  You open your legs for any guy with a functioning dick. Yet, you won’t do it for me. Come on, baby,” he snarled as he moved his hand up my inner thigh, moving closer to my panties. I slipped off my shoe and hit him with the pointy end of my stiletto. “FUCK! Isabella!”

“Keep your grubby, nasty fingers away from me, Jacob,” I said, tears threatening to fall. “One more grope like that and I’m calling the cops after I call Edward who will pummel you.”

“Please,” Jacob scoffed. “Edward couldn’t hurt me. He’s a fucking pussy, pretty boy. Besides, I made you, Bella. I deserve some payback.”

“What? A cut of my paycheck isn’t enough for you?” I spat. “Now you want to fuck me? As payment? I’m not your whore, Jacob Black.”

“Tonight, you are,” Jacob snarled as he pulled over, flying across four lanes of traffic. He grabbed my face and forced me to look at him. “We are celebrating your role as Becca with James and his girlfriend and you will do everything I ask of you. If not, then, your career will be over, Isabella. I’ll see to it that you will never work in this town again.”

“I’m not fucking you,” I seethed.

“That remains to be seen,” Jacob said as he shoved me away. His hand moved up my leg and he cupped my sex. “I will get inside of this. I promise you.” He slapped my pussy and tore away from the curb. Tears were falling down my cheeks and all I wanted was Edward. 

Jacob's Hummer

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