Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Picture Teaser

After my face was done, I went into the bedroom and put on my dress, along with some sexy lingerie. Even though I wasn’t going to get any. Fucking head…let me make love with my fiancé! I, at least, wanted to look pretty for him. I put on some matching jewelry and slid on some Grecian sandals with some rhinestones across the arch of my foot. I left my hair up and headed downstairs. The lights were dimmed and all along the floor, pillar candles were lit, guiding me to the dining room.

The room sparkled with the candles inside. The table was set elegantly with deep red linens and the finest china. Atop one of the plates was another note, though.

I’m finishing up in the kitchen. Have a seat and enjoy some sparkling grape juice. I love you.

I settled into the seat and picked up the glass filled with the bubbly drink. I took a sip, giggling at the feeling of the fizziness of the drink. As I sat there, some quiet music was piped into the room using the sound system that was installed in the house. I immediately recognized it as some orchestral music that Edward had composed. I smiled softly as I waited for him. Edward breezed into the dining room carrying a platter of something.

He looked so ethereal in the candlelight. His bronze hair was tousled, being backlit from the warm lighting of the room. His body was killing me with his fitted purpled dress shirt and gray pants that hung perfectly around his hips. Perched on his nose were his glasses which made me happy. I loved a man in glasses.
Edward put the platter down in front of me and he looked into my eyes, his jade green eyes blazing into mine. “You look so incredibly beautiful, my Bella,” he murmured before his lips gently touched mine. “A goddess.”

“Where’s your toga?” I quipped, laughing lightly. “You’re a god.”

“Eh,” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I’m okay. Let me get the rest of our dinner. I’ll be right back, beautiful.” He left the room and I looked on the platter. It appeared to be veal piccata. It smelled delicious and I was starving. Bean poked me in the ribs, obviously hungry, too.

“Smells good, huh, little one?” I asked my belly. “Daddy is an amazing cook and I could honestly eat that entire platter of food.” Poke. Poke. “Is that a challenge, Bean?” Poke. “Game on.”

“Were you just talking to your belly?” Edward asked, his voice filled with awe.

I blushed. “Um, yeah. Apparently, Bean loves your cooking. He’s jabbing his foot into my stomach at devouring the feast you’ve prepared for us. He kind of challenged me to eat the entire platter.”

“That is so fucking adorable,” he breathed as he put down the plates with the past and vegetables. He fell to his knees and kissed my baby bump. “Are you beating up Mommy, little one?” Edward asked as he continued kissing my belly. “Be good to her. Love her, baby.”

I laughed as I wiped my damp cheeks. Ugh! Hormones. “Can you be any more cute?” I chuckled as I looked down at him.

“I can be but I save that for my other fiancée,” he snorted. I rolled my eyes and moved so I could turn a shoulder to him. Edward bent down and gently kissed my one bare shoulder. “You know that you’re the only for me, Bella. You mean so much to me. You and Bean, love. I feel so blessed, Bella.”

I turned and smiled at him. “Me too, Edward,” I said as I put my hand on my growing belly.

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