Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update

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Chapter Eight on TWCS

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I hated leaving Bella after our date. But, if I had stayed, I just know that things would have gotten heated and we would have had sex. First off, I don't want to revert back to my manwhorish ways. I had been with more women than I care to admit. That all changed when I met Tanya. I wanted to stay that way for Bella. Secondly, I want to make love to her. I want to LOVE her. While, I may be feeling some pretty strong emotions toward Bella, it's not love. Not yet. Though, I could definitely find myself falling deeply in love with her.

So, I drove away from her apartment and back to my house. I parked my baby into the garage and headed into my very lonely and cold brownstone. Why couldn't Bella move in with me? Yeah, we just met, asswipe. What woman would move in with a man that she hardly knew? Not many. I hung up my coat and grabbed a bottle of beer from my fridge. As I was sipping my Stella, my cell phone rang. It was Rosalie.

"Yes, Baby Sister?" I snickered into the phone.

"You're picking up. That means either your date sucked ass, you respected her and left her at the door or you're in a post coital glow in the bathroom," she giggled.

"Rosie, you are the devil," I snapped. "My date was perfect and so was the girl. I left her at the door after I kissed her senseless. Though, I wish I had stayed. I like my house but it's so empty and lonely. Bella makes it homey."

"You've got it bad, Eddie," Rose laughed. "Tell me about her. I haven't heard much about Bella since I've been an emotional wreck."

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" I quipped.

"Can't sleep. Besides, I'm living through you and Jazzy. Did you hear? He's in love with some sprite-like girl named Alice," Rose squealed. "Come on, Eddie. Please?"

"I can't stay on the phone for too long, Rosie. I've got to work," I chided.

"That's why God invented coffee, Edward," Rose snickered.

Obnoxious bunny slippers from Edward

Throw blanket

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