Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update!

Chapter Two on FFn

Chapter Two on TWCS

Chapter Two on AO3

"So this is it," I said as I heaved my bag over my shoulder.

"Yep," Tanya replied. "Good luck, Edward. Despite the past few years, it's been good."

"Yeah," I chuckled. "Be happy, Tan."

"You, too. After dealing with my crazy, you deserve it," she laughed. "Look, I know that we're divorced and all, but can I at least get a hug?"

"Definitely," I said as I pulled her into my arms. She patted my back and unlike before, I felt nothing when she touched me. There would have been a point in time where her touch would have lit a fire in my belly and I had to HAVE her. Now, it's like hugging my sister. Except, not. You know? "I'll send you a text when I get into Chicago, Tan. Even though we're no longer a couple, I know you'll worry."

"This is true," she snorted. With one more squeeze, she let me go and wiped her tears. My ex-wife was undeniably gorgeous, but we fell out of love. No drama. No huge fights. One day, we woke up and we were different people. We wanted different things and now, after two years of separation, we were finally divorced and I was moving on with my life in Chicago. Tanya was staying in Seattle where her plastic surgery practice was located. "I still love you, Edward. I always will."

"Me, too, Tan. We just want different things," I sighed. "Anyhow, I've got to go. My flight is leaving in an hour." She nodded and we hugged one more time before I left our condo in downtown Seattle. I hopped into a waiting cab and was driven SeaTac. I barely got through security before I had to sprint to my gate to catch my flight to Chicago. I just made it to the flight, crashing into my seat in first class.

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