Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Twenty-Five

However, Bella had not come back from the bathroom. I quickly excused myself and went back to the choir room. "Bella?" I called out.

"She's not here," I heard. In my office was a very bedraggled Ashleigh. Her blonde hair was dirty and her face was covered in bruises and scratches. She was playing with something in her hand. "He took her."

My heart fell to toes. My breathing was ragged. "Who?" I whispered.

"James," Ashleigh said, her blue eyes vacant and empty. "He's a sick fuck, you know? He followed me from rehearsal that day before spring break. I thought he was cute. We spent a few days together. Then, he took me. My innocence, Mr. Cullen. After that, he drove me back to my house and made me watch him as he killed my parents. He promised me that I wouldn't be harmed if I helped him get Ms. Swan. He lied. Beat the crap out of me. Raped me. Even after I said no, he still raped me. Saying that I was not as good as his precious Isabella."

"Ashleigh, we need to call the police," I rasped out.

"Why? She's as good as dead," Ashleigh shrugged, twisting the tiny thing in her hands. "He ripped this off her finger. Couldn't bear to see it." She held up my engagement ring. I held out my hand and she dropped it in my palm. Tears dropping onto my cheeks I picked up my phone, dialing three numbers.

"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

"My fiancée. She's been kidnapped," I sobbed. And the dam broke.

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