Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

Maria had hopped up and ran to get some ice. I heard the booming voice of my brother and the worried tone of my mom. I twisted out of Jasper’s hold and ran out into the waiting room. Carlisle was holding Emma, whose eyes were red rimmed and her cheeks were bright pink. “Mom,” I choked out, falling to my knees.

“My baby boy,” she sobbed, pulling me into her arms. “Oh my Edward.” I clutched at her, sobbing uncontrollably. My right hand was barking in agony  but I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything until my Bella was back in my arms. “She’s going to be okay, my sweet boy.” Esme ran her fingers through my hair, kissing my head. “Oh my baby.”

“Why her, Momma?” I whimpered. “Why couldn’t he leave her alone?”

“I don’t know, baby,” she said as she ran her fingers over my cheeks.

“Daddy?” Emma squeaked from Carlisle’s arms. “Why are you crying? Please don’t cry.”

“Has anyone told her?” I asked, sitting up.

Esme shook her head no. “She needs to hear it from you but I think she knows, Edward. She’s very upset.”
I pulled away from her and helped my mom up. She held me close before releasing me to talk to Emma. I took her from Carlisle’s arms and buried my nose in her soft curls. My sweet girl. My angel. I’ve failed you and your mom. “I need to talk to you, Emma-bear,” I whispered in her ear. Cradling her with my left hand, I nodded to the tiny office where I was speaking with Maria and Jasper. Maria nodded. On shaky limbs, I walked to the room and closed the door. I put Emma on the table

“Daddy, you’re scaring me,” she whispered, running her fingers down my tear-stained face. “Why are you crying? Why is everyone crying?”

“Emma, do you remember that man that Uncle Jazzy showed you?” I asked.

“The man that hurt mommy?”

“Yeah. Him,” I muttered. “He came to school today and he…he…”

“What, daddy?”

“He took Bella,” I whispered, gazing into my daughter’s sea-green eyes. “He took your mommy.”

“No!” she screamed. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No! NO! NO! I hate him! NO! Why? Daddy?! WHY? WHY?” Emma threw herself into my arms and sobbed hysterically. I joined her. All of her questions were valid. Why couldn’t he let her go? Why did he have to take our happiness away? “I want my MOMMY! I want my MOMMY!”

“Me too,” I cried, swaying my baby girl back and forth. “My baby girl, I’m so sorry.”

“Daddy! Why? Why? Make her come back. Hurt that man. Daddy,” she cried against my chest. 

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  1. This teaser brought tears to my eyes, it got even worse when Edward told Emma. This chapter is going to be heartbreaking. But I'm hoping that they will find Bella soon, and that she will be alright.