Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Figure Eight Update

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"Bella, love, you got to wake up," Edward cooed against my throat. "It's a big day today."

"We're eloping to Vegas?" I teased.

"Hmmm, tempting," Edward purred as his lips wrapped around my ear. "Mrs. Edward Masen. Bella Masen…I love the sound of that."

"You could always take my name," I giggled, cracking open one eye. "Edward Swan has a nice ring to it."

Edward's mouth was pressed into a firm line in mock anger. His emerald eyes were dancing with amusement.
"Funny, Swan. Hysterical. Anyhow, the Barbie twins are banging on the door, begging to come in and make you more gorgeous. Though, I like the look you're rocking now."

"Edward, I have bed head, morning breath and pillow lines. I'm fucking sexy," I deadpanned.

"You are," he growled as he attacked my neck. I giggled and squirmed under his grasp. He rolled us and I was straddling his waist. Edward's lips met mine and we hungrily kissed each other until a loud bang filled our room. I jumped and wrapped my arms around Edward's neck. "I'm going to throttle the Wee One and her Amazonian sidekick."

"Edward, I promise, tonight, we'll make all of them jealous with the noises we're making, okay?" I winked.
He whimpered and bit his lip. "Bella! How in the hell am I supposed to skate at the final competition for the World's with a permanent hard on?"

"Easy. Jerk off in the bathroom, Romeo," I said as I got off his lap. "Imagine it's my lips around your rock hard cock, lover."

"I hate you," he grumbled, narrowing his eyes at me.

"No, you don't."

"No, I don't. But you are evil, woman," he grumbled. He looked down at his obvious arousal and sighed. "Come on. I've got a date with Rosie Palmer."

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