Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Author's Note

Author’s Note: To all of my faithful readers, I’m going to be leaving this site, I’m planning on leaving up the first chapters of my stories but the remainder of them and future updates will be on The Writer’s Coffee Shop Library and Archive of our Own.

I am hopeful that I can come back to the site once things calm down. But for now, I’m heading to my new home at The Writer’s Coffee Shop under the same author name. Please follow me there if you want to hear more about the following characters:

SGD and Nerdella
Skateward and Bladella
Professor and Marian
VampBella (Angel) and Edward
Dolcezza and Bodyguardward
Dr. McFuckme and Mrs. McFuckme (aka Beautiful Girl
And many more plot bunnies to come…

Thank you!

Here is my new home on The Writer's Coffee Shop. There is a registration to read but it's free! All of my stories are currently here and up to date. 

Secondly her's my new home on AO3. No registration required to read. I only have five stories up here and slowly working on adding more. 

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