Thursday, May 31, 2012

Angels and Monsters Teaser

In signature, she included her phone number and two other numbers as well. I added them to my cell phone and turned to the Volturi database for her information.

Name: Mary Alice Brandon Cullen
Birthdate: Unknown
Vampire Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: American
Sire: Unknown
Power: Ability to see the decided future
Current Location: Forks, Washington
Coven: Cullen Coven

Alice is one of the youngest members of the Cullen Coven which currently resides in Forks, Washington. She is mated to Jasper Whitlock who was turned in 1865 at the end of the Civil War in the United States and the beginning of the Southern Wars. His power is empathic in nature. He can manipulate human and vampire emotions. The Cullens are what we classify as vegetarians. They feed on the blood of animals. The say that it allows them to bond with the members of the clan and with the neighboring humans.

The leader of the Cullen Coven is Carlisle Cullen who is a doctor. He was changed in the late 1600s during a vampire raid in his native England. His mate is Esme Cullen and she was changed by Carlisle in the mid twenties after breaking her back because she jumped off a cliff. She had recently lost her child. Rosalie Cullen was the next to join the clan after she was attacked in New York City. None of these vampires have extra abilities like Alice or her mate, Jasper.

If you are interested in adopting the vegetarian lifestyle, feel free to contact any of the Cullen Coven for further details.

At least Alice’s profile had more information than Victoria’s. I jotted down Carlisle’s email address along with Jasper’s as well. I was curious if this Jasper was the same as my Jasper. My sire. I think? He never said his last name. He just called himself Jasper.

I hadn’t noticed that the sun had come up and I was shimmering like a drag queen in a sequined dress. I scowled as I hit the button to lower my shades in my condo. The clouds were low and I knew it was going to be a cloudy day. I was going to use that to my advantage and search for Emmett and Victoria. But, I wanted to get help from Alice.

I dialed her number and even before I held the phone to my ear, her tinkling voice rang through the tinny speaker of my phone. “Hello, Bella,” she giggled.

“How did you know it was me?” I squeaked.
“I see the future, silly,” she said.

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