Sunday, May 13, 2012

Angel and Monsters Update

Chapter Two

The day after I met Emmett and Edward, I paced around my condo. I think I almost put marks into my hardwood floors. My downstairs neighbors must adore me, pacing at all hours of the night. Fabulous. However, I was worried about Edward and Emmett. Probably more than I should be. As we were leaving the club, I could hear Victoria's mental screams of how she will get these two guys.

In some way.

I couldn't let that happen. I had to protect them. I needed to shield them from the evil that was emanating from Victoria. The visions that filled my head from her were violent, cruel and sadistic. These men were inherently good and should not be punished for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Victoria's thoughts, though, focused mainly on Edward. She wanted him. Once she saw him leave with me, Victoria's mind reeled and she was convinced he was her 'mate.'

I internally scoffed at her insistence that Edward was hers. He wasn't anybody's. Up until a few weeks ago, he was engaged to Tanya. Even then, he didn't belong to her. Based off his conversation with Emmett, the engagement was one of necessity. She was 'pregnant.' Right. And I have a beating heart. 

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