Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Starlet Character Outline

Starlet Plot Bunny  (starting as one-shot but will be expanded to a multichapter story)

Isabella Swan – 25, Actress

·         Brown hair, brown eyes

·         5’4” – petite, curvy but athletic

·         Working on a new vampire movie – plays the innocent, young girl – very far from the truth

·         A bit of a troublemaker

o   Drinks

o   Smokes

o   Sleeps around

·         Publicist is Jacob Black – sells her story to the highest bidder

o   Cuts her down

o   Belittles her

o   Makes her life hellacious

o   Provides her with her drug stash

·         Edward is her bodyguard

·         Left at the age of 18 to become an actress from the rainy Forks, WA

Edward Masen – 28, Bodyguard, aspiring actor

·         Bronze hair, golden eyes

·         6’1” – tall, lean, muscled

·         Bella’s bodyguard

·         Attracted to Bella but sick of her craziness

·         Feels like her publicist is screwing her over, selling her short

·         Wants to ‘fix’ Bella – make her realize that she’s better than all of the nonsense that Jacob is feeding her

·         Eventually is hired to be the lead vampire in the movie Bella’s working on after the lead is fired for drug use; Bella is involved with the conspiracy and arrested for the situation. However, she’s found without drugs in her system and is released

·         Parents passed away when he was seventeen because of a car accident

·         Lived with Carlisle and Esme, Alice’s parents, after the accident and before college

·         Attended UCLA with a major in Business and Administration with a theater minor, wants to get it into the acting business

Jacob Black – 30, Publicist, jerk

·         Black hair, brown eyes

·         6’3” – tall, muscular – looks like a football player

·         Bella’s publicist

·         Secretly in ‘love’ with Bella – very attracted to her – wants her to be his but goes about the wrong way

o   Cuts her down

o   Belittles her

o   Makes her life hellacious

·         Supplies Bella with her drugs

Alice Cullen – 25, Actress, concerned friend of Bella

·         Raven colored hair, grey/green eyes

·         5’1” – small, waifish, looks like a fairy (duh)

·         Edward’s cousin

·         Plays Bella’s best friend in the movie, off screen as well

·         WILL STRIVE TO NOT have Alice be obnoxious and annoying

Jasper Whitlock – 27, Actor

·         Alice’s boyfriend

·         Blonde hair, blue eyes

·         6’0” – tall, lanky but still muscled

·         Plays one of the vampires in the movie

·         Very chill and calm, voice of reason

Emmett McCarty – 28, Actor

·         Bella’s cousin, Rosalie’s husband

·         Dark blonde hair, blues eyes

·         6’5” – huge…massive…linebacker

·         Concerned about Bella’s behavior, sees her potential and is frustrated with her choices

·         Parents, Megan and John, are Charlie’s sister and brother-in-law

Rosalie Whitlock – 27, Actress

·         Jasper’s twin

·         Currently has red hair and blue eyes

·         5’9” – beautiful, modelesque and snarky

·         Doesn’t care for Bella, thinks she’s a ‘bitch.’

·         One of the vampires in the movie

Charlie Swan – 44, estranged father of Bella

·         Chief of Police of Forks, WA

·         Contacted when Bella was arrested

·         Shocked and ashamed of Bella’s behavior when he came to visit her in LA

·         Wife died of ovarian cancer (Bella’s mom), when Bella was 8

·         Never remarried

Esme Cullen – 42, actress

·         Married to Carlisle Cullen, mother to Alice, aunt to Edward

·         Plays Bella’s mom in the vampire movie

·         Wants to ‘mother’ Bella

Carlisle Cullen – 47, director

·         Married to Esme Cullen, father to Alice, uncle to Edward

·         Directs the vampire movie

·         Extremely worried about Bella

·         Like Edward, sees her potential, but concerned that her drug and alcohol use will spiral out of control. Doesn’t give up on her, though. Allows her to keep her part in the movie but cuts the male lead, offering it to Edward

James Cobb – 26, Actor

·         Blonde hair, blue eyes

·         5’9” – muscular, shifty and weasly

·         Was arrested with Bella, had drugs in his system

·         Fired from the vampire movie after drug arrest

·         Bitter about his loss of his job, blames Bella and Carlisle

·         Antagonist

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