Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Eighteen

It had been nearly two weeks since Jessica had attempted to kill herself. She was still in a coma in a prison ward of a hospital. I went to visit her with her parents' consent. She was attached to every machine to keep her alive and breathing but she was technically a vegetable. The doctors said that her EEG showed minimal brain activity. If they took her off the machines, she would die.

I sat in the hospital room and stared at my ex-wife. Her chest and rose robotically with the assistance of the breathing machine. Her hair hung limply over her shoulders. Her body was painfully thin.

"Wow, Jess. I can't believe that you would be this selfish," I said as I stared at her body. "I know that you were having issues and that your life sucked, but to resort to this? I mean, really. You couldn't get your act together for our daughter so you could eventually see her again? You had to resort to dramatics and this?"

I leaned forward and ran my hands through my hair. I swear, I'm going to go bald with all of the stress I'm dealing with. Things at school were going fine. So were things with Bella and me. They were the only two positives in my life, right now. Emma, though, has gotten very clingy to Bella and has been a bit of a brat. I think that she knows something is up with her mom but Bella and I made the decision to not tell her until it was absolutely necessary. Pretty much when Jessica dies. Based off her appearance, it wasn't long now.

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