Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

I pull on Emma’s ponytail as she passes me. She playfully scowled at me.

 Her behavior had definitely improved in the past few weeks. The first week and a half after Jessica’s funeral were horrible. Emma spent most of her time in her room crying because she kept getting in trouble at school. Edward even yelled at her for being disrespectful to me. She had spat something in a fit, saying that I wasn’t her mother and I couldn’t tell her what to do. That broke my heart. Edward saw me when he came back from rehearsal with tear-stained cheeks and knew that Emma misbehaved. His yells filled the house at his disappointment for Emma’s behavior. I couldn’t take hearing him yell at her and I called Alice to see if she wanted to go out to dinner.

We met up with Rose, Esme and Aunt Lizzie for some girl time. Angela also showed up with her baby. After an hour and half, I got a phone call from a sobbing Emma. She was apologizing to me, begging for me to come home. I frowned and looked at the table. They all but pushed me into my car.

 Or rather, Edward’s car. After a week of listening to my poor Honda Civic hack and groan, we took it back to the garage and it was deemed totaled. I was currently saving my money to get a new vehicle but driving Edward’s Volvo while my money accrued.

Once I got home, Emma ran into my arms and apologized profusely for hurting my feelings. She clawed at my hair, bawling uncontrollably. I looked at Edward who was just as surprised. When I asked him before bed what he had said, he explained that he was disappointed at her words and that regardless of my role in her life, I was an adult and should be respected. She began shrieking and begging for Edward to call me, pleading with me to come back. Obviously I did and she turned into a cling-monster, not wanting to leave my side.
The next day, Emma and Edward were in an emergency appointment with Mia, her counselor, to discuss her behavior. After that appointment and her preceding breakdown, things had improved. Emma’s demeanor had mostly returned to the happy girl from prior to Jessica’s attack on me.


  1. Wow ! I can't wait poor baby been through hell because of her mother,she feels to blame that she attacked BellaI also think she was pushing the envelope to see if Bella would bail like her mother did.

  2. I so cant wait to read the chapter!!!! :)