Monday, March 19, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

“Alice, do you have my costumes?” I asked.

“Yep. Packed in the garment bag,” Alice replied from the living room. “I also have Edward’s costumes too. I made some subtle changes to the Carmina costume, adding more bling and sparkle. I left the lullaby costume the same. Are you nervous?”

“Yes and no. I’m nervous about the reaction of the press. I’ve been avoiding them since the article came out,” I cringed. “I know that the press will be asking questions while we are in the kiss and cry and after we skate. I need to hope that they wait until our official press conference scheduled after the medal ceremony on the 29th.”

“Good luck with that, Bellarina,” Alice smirked. “You know I love you, right?”

“I love you, too, Ali,” I said, arching my brow. “What do you want?”

“”I don’t want anything. I just need to let you know about a decision that Jasper and I made,” Alice blushed.

“And you’re telling me now?” I asked flatly.

“”I’m telling you now because it’s going to happen once we get back from Nationals, Bella,” Alice explained. “Jasper asked me to move in with him and I said yes.”

“Wow, that’s great news, Ali,” I said as I hugged her. “Is he going to propose soon?”

“God, I hope so. But I’m not holding my breath,” Alice snickered.

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