Monday, February 20, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

We all got our numbers and Liam was first. The game went by uneventfully. Until it was Bella’s turn. She was the last person to go. The final present sitting on the pile was the manicure set. Emmett was looking at his gift, which was all of the Angry Birds in beanie baby form. Bella didn’t want it but she wanted Emmett to get the manicure set. She smirked as she plucked the Angry Birds from Emmett’s unsuspecting hands. “Bellarina. They were going into my car,” Emmett moaned.

“Too bad, so sad,” Bella giggled. “You have to grab from the pile.”

Emmett swiped the box from the pile and tore into it. “Aw, hell no! Bells, give me back my birds,” he cried.

“Nope,” Bella laughed. She handed me the birds and told me to put them into my car along the rear window. “You have to use it, Emmy. I think the pink will be perfect with your skin tone.”

“Nah, the red,” Rose said as she swiped the manicure kit from Emmett’s hand. She pulled out the red and started painting Emmett’s fingernails.

“Rose! Stop it,” Emmett whined.

“Here, Jared,” Rose said as she tossed him a bright pink. “Get his toes.”

“Sweet,” Jared squealed as he removed Emmett’s shoes and socks. “Dude, wash your feet. They STANK!”

“I do wash my feet, little man,” Emmett grumbled. “They just sweat. A lot.”

Jared plugged his nose and swiped the hot pink nail polish over Emmett’s toes who scowled at him. Rose continued painting his fingers with a wicked glint in her eyes. Alice whipped out her camera and snapped a ton of pictures of Emmett’s mani/pedi.

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