Monday, January 9, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

“God, it’s freezing,” I grumbled. “My ass is going to fall off.”

“Then you should have worn panties, Bell,” Edward snickered. His hand ghosted up my thigh to cup my bare ass. “Though I am enjoying your easy access.”

I swatted his hand away and glared at him. “Behave, Edward. I don’t want to look like a fucking hooker when we walk into the party. I feel enough like a hoochie in my ‘Fallen Angel’ costume.”

“I think you look incredibly hot, Bella,” Edward said huskily as he wrapped his arm around my waist. His bare chest was pressed against my corset and his green eyes were smoldering. “Do we really have to go?”

“Stop it. We’re almost to Tanya’s apartment,” I chided. “I want to see her and meet Steve.”

“Fine,” Edward pouted. I twisted his nipple slightly. He gave a slight yelp and glared at me. We eventually walked up to an older building. The music was already blaring from the street and on the third floor, there were flashing lights. “Is it a rave up there?”

“Possibly,” I snickered. “Come on, Lucifer.”
“Lead the way, Angel,” Edward quipped as he swatted my ass playfully.

Halloween Decorations


Party Go-ers

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Scary ass clowns

Drunk People

Edward's costume

Bella's costume

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