Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Edward Cullen: A Work in Progress Update


"Edward? Do you have class tomorrow?" Bella asked, breaking me from my reverie. I put my cell phone on the nightstand, giving her a smile.

Garrett will have to wait.

"No, love. I'm at the shop tomorrow," I answered. "Why?"

"I called Dr. Greene and I have an appointment with her tomorrow. This whole Victoria business has me unsettled. I need you to drive me to the shop to get my car," Bella explained. I nodded and held open my arms. Bella, who was still very much naked, crawled back into bed and put her head on my chest. Within a few moments, Bella is snoring quietly and drooling on my left pec. I tightened my hold around her body, trying to will myself to go to sleep. It just wasn't happening. Each time I closed my eyes, I pictured James attacking my life. My girl. My Bella. Taking her away from me.

Garrett and Kate's home


Dining Room

Family room

Traveling clothes

To meet Garrett and Kate

At the Japanese Gardens

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