Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Next Chapter Teaser

“You’ve been a naughty boy, Edward. Should you get your Christmas present?”

“Fuck. Me.”

“That’s the plan, Dr. McFuckme,” I smiled. “I like this Mrs. Claus costume a lot better than the one I wore earlier today.”

“There’s significantly less of it, Mrs. McFuckme,” Edward purred. “I like. I like it a lot. Can I unwrap you?”

“I don’t know. Have you been a good boy?” I asked as I sashayed to his spot on the bed.

“I think so,” he said with a crooked smirk. “Please, Bella. I need you, beautiful girl.”

“Hmmmm,” I said as I ran my fingers along his collarbones. I reached for his tie and deftly removed it from his shirt. “I want to unwrap my present first.” I unbuttoned his red shirt and with each button, I pressed a soft kiss to his chest. His soft hair that was scattered along his torso tickled my nose. His green eyes watched me as I placed open mouthed kisses along his pectoral muscles and down his abdomen. “You taste so good, Edward.”

“You taste better,” he smirked. “Will I be able to partake in the deliciousness that is you, my love?”

“Possibly,” I breathed as I pushed the now open shirt from his shoulders, revealing his chiseled upper body. God, no man should be this perfect. He’s all mine. “But, I get to taste ALL of you first, Edward. I owe you at least two orgasms. First my mouth and then,” I paused as I crawled up his body to hover my lips over his. I pulled his lip into my teeth and licked his plump mouth. I released it as I tangled my hands into his hair, “and then my pussy.”

“Fuck,” he growled as he crashed  his mouth against mine. His tongue invaded my mouth, begging for attention as his hands moved to cup my breasts. I gently took his hands and removed them from body. “Bella…”

“Scoot back and hands up, Dr. Masen,” I commanded. “You’ll get your chance to have your fun.” He whimpered but obliged by my request. With his tie, I bound his hands to the headboard of our bed. I kissed his lips sweetly as I sat astride his waist. “You follow directions very well, Edward. You’ve earned a reward.”

“What would that be, Mrs. Masen?” Edward crooned. I smiled seductively and reached between my breasts and untied the bow that rest there. The nightie that I wore fell open, just giving him a sneak peek of my breasts. But, not all of them. Just enough of my breasts to leave him wanting more. So much more.  

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