Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Two

"Bella! I have some sketches I want to show you for the costumes. Let me in, bitch," my neighbor and friend, Alice griped through my door. I rolled my eyes. I closed my laptop and walked to the door and in breezed my tiny neighbor. Her black hair was cropped short into a 'Twiggy' pixie cut with bright pink highlights. Her grey eyes were lined with dramatic eye makeup while the rest of her look was more sedate and quiet. At least on her face. On her body, Alice wore a geometric tunic with pink, gray and beige accents. She wore a pair of gray leggings with a knee high beige boots. In her hand, she carried a black moleskin journal. "You have to see what I've drawn, Bella! It's so awesome. Did you hear back from Grumpward?"

"Yeah, he apologized," I replied. "Kind of. God! I wanted to smack his face when he told me that we were meeting on Friday. Asshole. And Grumpward?"

"His name is Edward. Grumpward seemed like an apt nickname," Alice giggled. "Have you heard anything about me? Can I do it? I'd love to throw costume designer on my resume!"

"I'll let you know on Friday," I answered. "Let me see what you got." Alice thrust the sketchbook she was holding into my hands. I flipped through the pages and was amazed at what she had come up with in the two hours since I told her about my job as the drama director of Legally Blonde. "Wow, these are awesome, Alice. But, you do realize your designing costumes for high schoolers."

"I do. And I want to do this. Plus give the costumes to the school once you're done with the production," Alice said. "Most of my clientele comes from Springview Central in the form of the students and their mothers who think they can fit in my clothes."

"You're evil, Alice," I giggled.

Bella's car


Bella's school outfit

Edward's school outfit


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