Friday, December 23, 2011

Figure Eight Update/Teaser

"Edward, turn your phone off. It's ringing off the hook," Bella grumbled from my chest. "Too damn early."

I opened my eyes and saw the time. It was well after nine in the morning. We were supposed to meet with Liam at seven for a workout and then time on the ice. "Shit!" I yelped. I hopped out of bed and grabbed my cell phone. Liam danced across the screen. "I'm sorry, man. We're on our way."

"You bloody wanker," Liam barked. "You're never late for a practice. What the hell?"

"Jet lag, man," I said. "Will be able to get on the ice?"

"Fuck, yeah," he snickered. "I own the damn rink. We'll just have to do your workout afterward. Trust me when I say that you will not be pleased."

"Yeah, yeah, asshole," I snarled. "See you in a bit." I hung up the phone and pulled the blankets off my beautiful and naked girlfriend. "Get up, slacker."

"Ass," she said as she curled up. "It's cold."

"And we're late. I think we forgot to set the alarm last night," I said as I gently swatted her perfect behind. I grabbed my bag and changed into my skate attire: black pants, black t-shirt and black hoodie. Bella hopped out of bed and swiped her own bag from the dresser. She went quickly through her morning routine. She stepped out of the bathroom in a pair of black skating pants and matching hoodie. Underneath she wore a pink long sleeved t-shirt. Her hair was plaited in a braid. I slipped into the bathroom and ran my fingers through my hair. I brushed my teeth and finished my own morning routine.

We grabbed our skates. I hailed a cab and had it drive us to Liam's ice rink. The driver took the corners a little too fast and it smelled of beer and sex. I wrinkled my nose. Bella was holding onto my arm for dear life. I kissed her temple. "I'll get my car from Liam while we're here. This is ludicrous."

"You don't drive like the cabbies, do you?" she squeaked.

"Slightly better," I snickered. She smacked my arm and gave me a glare. "I go about ten above the speed limit opposed to twenty."

"Do you want a toe pick up the ass, Masen?" she giggled.

"Not particularly. No," I cringed.

Bella and Edward's costumes for their short program

Grandma Masen's ring, the ugliest engagement ring, ever...

Bella's hoodie

Bella's skate pants

Edward's Volvo

Bella and Edward, dinner with Esme

Esme, dinner with Bella and Edward

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