Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Figure Eight Update

Partners and Hips

"Edward?" I heard behind me. Edward bristled and turned around. A low growl emanated from his chest. I looked behind us. Leaning against the wall was a chunky blonde with curls and too much makeup on. She was nervously fussing with her hands. "You looked awesome out there."

"What do you want, Tanya?" Edward asked curtly.

"To congratulate you," she said quietly, walking toward us. She had obviously put on a great deal of weight and was trying to hide it with large clothes. "I saw your short program and I was absolutely floored at how elegant it was. Better than anything we ever did."

"It helps that I trust my partner," Edward answered. "Tanya Juneau, this is Isabella Swan. Isabella, Tanya."

"Nice to meet you," I said quietly, holding out my hand. Tanya stared at it blankly before limply returning my handshake.

"Sure," she said with a tight smile. She shook off her terse behavior and gave me a genuine smile. "You and Edward did very well today. Absolutely beautiful. I'm sorry I was a bitch before."

"No big deal," I shrugged.

"I just wish I was out there. I miss it," she whispered. "But, I've come to the realization that I will never be a competitive skater again. I went to rehab for my addiction to the pain killers and I can't skate as well as I used to because of the injury. Anyhow, I wanted to support my former partner."

"Thank you," Edward murmured. "That was really nice of you, Tanya."

"Edward, you deserve the best and you finally have it," she said.

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