Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

The alarm went off entirely way to early. Erm, rather, alarms…Bella set like five of them. Plus a wakeup call. Paranoid much?  She shot me a glare and went about her business of getting ready. I drove us to the rink and we spent the morning going over the new footwork for our Carmina routine that Liam suggested. We also had my former choreographer come and look at our programs. Maggie, the petite Irish red-head, was flummoxed at what we performed for her. Her mouth was hanging open, gaping like a cod. Bella laughed quietly while I gently closed her mouth with my finger.

That must have broken the spell and Maggie squealed like a pig on crack. She tackled me to the ice saying that I was finally the skater that she envisioned. She then hopped up and pulled Bella into a tight embrace, kissing her cheeks. Bella didn’t know what to think at Maggie’s antics. She just accepted her praise with a look of confusion.

Carlisle, Rose and Emmett had arrived at this point. Jasper was sleeping off an anxiety pill stupor from flying. Apparently Jasper didn’t like being in an enclosed tube with wings for multiple hours at a time. More fodder to tease him with along with his penchant to wear Alice’s underwear. Speaking of Alice, she was already at Harrod’s, shopping to her little heart’s content. She has an illness.

Thank goodness Bella is not like that. Doesn’t spend money frivolously.

We went out for lunch as a group and then spent the afternoon working over our programs until they were in muscle memory. Thankfully, the short program was in the evening tomorrow and we’d have time to recuperate. Liam wanted to work out with Emmett. They tried to convince me to go, but I was reminded that Bella and I were going to have dinner with my mom. We drove back to the hotel and showered. Together. Bella gave me a mischievous glint before she took my cock into her mouth.

I grunted and came violently in her mouth. It was unexpected but welcome surprise. I went to return the favor but Bella swatted my hands away. She said that it was all about me. I’d been spoiling her with all of the orgasms I’d been dishing out. It was my turn to be spoiled.

Fuck yeah, Eddie! We’ll take her pussy, with a side order of her mouth and a dabble of her hands for good measure.

This isn’t a fucking fast food joint, assholes.


I thought you guys were silent. For good.

Nope. You’re stuck with our demented inner-musings, Eddie-kins.

God damn it!

We’re also having in depth conversations with Bella’s ovaries. They’re just as demented as we are. If not more. We’re a match made in gonad heaven.

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