Thursday, December 1, 2011

Commentary on Online Dating...

Okay, so one of the guys that I was chatting with on one of those websites (dating site) turned out to be a total stalker. He told me his entire life story back in late September and was planning our wedding. I told him to back off and he did. For a few weeks. Then he texted relentlessly.

One day, while i was at work, he texted me nine times. 'Where are you?' 'Why won't you talk to me?' and all that jazz. I showed that to my friend (who happens to be a guy) and he said that i should block his number. I held off, hopefully thinking that he would stop bothering me on his own.

Not so much...

 He still texted me. Even after I told him that I wasn't interested and that he was pushing me too hard. I hadn't spoken with him for six weeks and he sends me this text: 'I'm thinking about you and miss you. Can we get together?'

We'd never met before...haven't spoken in six weeks and he misses me? What the hell?

Anyhow, I buckled and got his number blocked from my cell phone. Had to pay a small fee but that is worth my piece of mind.

If this is what I get to look forward to back in the dating world, then I'm going to stay single forever, damn it.


  1. I totally understand and wish you the best of luck getting rid of the stalker. I do not go on those sites any more. Too many weirdos out there for my taste. LOL.

  2. This guys seems like a nut case. It's great that you got his number blocked, because you don't know what this guy is like and what he could be capable of.