Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Next Chapter Teaser

Once we parked, I grabbed the bag of gifts from the backseat and we trudged up to the peds ward. Rose and Alice were waiting for us. Jasper was adjusting EJ’s elf hat while Grace was hugging Alice’s leg. In the stroller was Rose’s son, Evan. He was sleeping soundly. “Hi, Baby Brother,” Alice chirped. “You look good.”

“Thanks, Big Sister,” I said dryly. “Where’s Emmett?”

“Trying, in vain, to convince Ren to wear his costume,” Rose snickered.

“Ren’s coming?” Bella asked.

“Yes, with Claire. This was at Jacob’s insistence,” Rose said.

“Why is Emmett trying to switch his costume with Ren?” I asked as I picked up Marie who was clinging to my legs, freaking out slightly.

“They ran out of elf costumes, so I got him the next best thing,” Rose smiled. “A Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer costume, complete with blinking red nose and a harness. You want to ride my hubby, Eddie?”

“Ah, no,” I blushed. “I’ll whip him into shape.”

“I love the way you think, Edward,” Rose smirked. “Where’s my whip?” She darted off and Bella watched over the sleeping Evan in the stroller.

“She better not be whipping a furry Rudolph in the men’s room,” Jasper said dryly. “That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

“Oh, gross, Jas!” Bella hooted. “I did NOT need that mental picture.”

“None of us did,” I deadpanned. “Besides, there are little ears, Jasper. Censor what you say, my dear brother-in-law.”

“What’s it mean to whip?” EJ asked as he tugged on Jasper’s tunic of his elf costume.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“Swear Jar!” all of the kids chimed.

“I’ll have to do it when I get home. I left  my wallet in my other pair of tights,” Jasper pouted.

“You could be wearing a pillow,” I said, scrunching my nose.

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