Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Next Chapter Teaser

“You know, you were very naughty, Isabella,” Edward said smoothly, lowly and sexily. “Pinching my butt, wearing this sinful dress and wearing whatever is under this sinful dress.”

“Who said I’m wearing anything?” I smirked.

“I’ve seen the outline of your corset under the dress,” Edward said as he sauntered over to me. He pulled me up, gazing into my eyes. “I felt it out as I held you all night. I can’t wait to see it, beautiful girl.”

“Who said you’re going to see it?” I joked.

He pulled me flush to his chest. His hands gripped my hips and he dragged his fingers up to the zipper of my dress. With a growl, he lowered the zipper to my dress. His eyes held my stare as the dress loosened around my body. With a tender touch, he nudged the straps of my dress over my shoulders. The red satin pooled at my feet. I was in just my corset, red thong panties and garter. “Fuck,” Edward murmured.

I smiled sweetly and pulled away. “Good night, handsome,” I said.

“Oh no,” Edward laughed as he pulled me back to his chest. “You don’t tease me all night with that and yeah…”

“I’m kidding, Edward,” I said as I reached up for his tie. I undid it and reached for the buttons of his tuxedo shirt. Apparently, I was moving too slowly. Edward’s hands grabbed either side of his shirt and tugged sharply. The shirt tore open and his muscular chest was exposed to me. Edward whipped the shirt off his body and kissed me deeply. His tongue invaded my mouth. My fingers tangled into his soft but disheveled hair. We fell onto the bed. Edward caged my body with his, preventing him from crushing me as we tumbled onto the soft king-sized mattress. Edward reached down my leg and hitched it over his hip. Edward’s arousal poked me through his tuxedo pants.

Edward’s mouth was devouring mine as his hands were gliding up and down my corset. “So fucking sexy,” he mumbled against my skin. His teeth nipped at my neck as he moved down my body. His lips moved to the swell of my breast.

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