Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Update

Confrontations of a Blonde Skank

After my birthday, Edward dove headlong into work. The demand for the mini-microphone was staggering. Nearly every major city was banging down Whitlock Technologies' door for this technology. Edward even received money from the government to work on some high-tech camera that could be installed in something as small as a ballpoint pen.

Edward also was determined to nail Lauren on something to get her fired. The background check proved to be fruitless on Lauren. The only thing that Ricky found was that she was a resident of Forks. He thinks that the social security number listed for her was not the correct one and was currently on a trip to Forks to find out some information. Johnny was flying solo with us for a few days. He currently went to work with Edward while I mainly stayed locked up in the house.

That. Sucked. Royally.

When can Emmett be found? I'd like to live my life.

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