Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

The one thing that was troublesome was Alice. I understand that she was going through a difficult time, but she wouldn’t hold or bond with Kyra. Alice stayed a few feet away from her niece, eyeing her warily. Jasper had finally warmed up to Kyra and was actually a doting uncle. He loved Kyra. Jas spoiled her as often as he could, bringing her a new outfit or toy.

“Bellini!” Rose called as she came into my home. “Is gas normal when you’re pregnant?”

“Hello, Rosalie. I’m fine, thanks for asking,” I snickered as I watched her waddle into the kitchen. Kyra was in her swing, playing with some toys.

“Hi, Bella,” she said dryly. “Seriously, gas?”

“Feeling flatulent, Rosalie?”I asked, arching a brow.

“My ass is on fire, Bellini. Tim refuses to sleep with me because it’s apparently the worst while I’m sleeping,” she pouted. “It’s so gross.” With a grimace, Rose farted loudly and let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s foul, Rose,” I said.

“And they’re smelly,” Rose said, wrinkling her nose. With a flourish, she waved her hand, sending her stench in my direction. I threw a towel at her which she batted away.

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