Friday, November 25, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

We pulled up to the rink. Bella got out and swiped her skate bag from the backseat of the car. She ran into the rink, her brown hair trailing behind her. With a sigh, I followed behind and went to the locker room. I changed into my skating pants and a black long sleeved t-shirt. I sat down on the bench. My phone trilled from my jean pocket and I saw that it was my mom.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Edward! It’s been too long. How are you, my sweet boy?” she asked.

“Up until about an hour ago, fine,” I said with a huff. “But, now things are messed up.”

“Explain, Edward,” Esme said sternly.

“Bella’s birthday was yesterday and it was perfect. She had a wonderful time.”

“What did you do?”

I told Esme all about Bella’s birthday and how we spent the day. My mom crooned over the activities. When I told her about Bella’s gifts, she squealed at the mention of the promise ring I had gotten for her. I didn’t tell my mom about what we did after I gave her the ring. That would have been weird.

Hi, Mom. I popped Bella’s cherry after I gave her a promise ring. Aren’t you proud? Not something you want to tell Mommy dearest, Masen.

I agree with you boys. But you had sex, assholes.

Yes. Yes, we did. Can we have sex again?

Loaded question…

You fucked up, didn’t you? I swear to all that’s holy…

I’m ignoring you.

“Edward! You’re spacing out, sweet boy,” Esme laughed.

“Huh?” I responded intelligently.

This is your brain…This is your brain on Bella…any questions?

“You must have had a wild night, Edward. I’ll let you go, but I was calling to confirm that you and Bella were coming for that competition in England?”

“We are, Mom. We just had our final fitting for our costumes and are going to practice today,” I smiled.

“Are you staying with me?” she whispered.

“I have a hotel reserved for us while we’re in England. It’s near the house, though. Liam told me that there’s a lot of press that will need to be done prior to the competition. Then, part of Bella’s present was extended our stay in London,” I answered. “You’ll see us, Mom.”

“I’m just lonely,” she sniffled. “I miss my baby boy. I miss your father.”

My eyes clamped shut and tears ran down my cheeks. I cradled my cell phone between my chin and shoulder to run my finger over his wedding band that I wore on my right hand. “I miss you, too, Mom. I love you.”

“Oh, Edward. I’m sorry. I’ve upset you,” Esme rambled.

“I miss Pops, too. But I’m fine. I’ve been so selfish. Living my life and making decisions here without thinking about how it impacted you,” I said as I curled up on the bench.

“Edward Anthony Masen, you’re twenty-six years old. You’re allowed to make decisions  and not have to worry about how it impacts your mother. I am just lonely and I miss you. But, I’m fine,” Esme chided. “I’ll let you go, Edward. I love you.”
“Love you, too, Mom,” I choked out. I ended the call and let the tears fall freely down my cheeks. Hearing the anguish and longing in my mother’s voice was too much.

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