Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Next Chapter Teaser...

We tried to get you to be the interim principal, but the district office said that you were taking medical leave before you took a position as the head of curriculum and instruction,” Rose said, pouting. “Are you okay, Bells?”

“Well, after that tumble with those boys, I had several minor fractures in my jaw and my ribs. Ren told me that I have early onset osteoporosis because of my hysterectomy. I was prescribed some medication to hopefully reverse my bone loss. Anyhow, I was toying with the idea of being a stay at home mom. I had informed Merritt of my decision earlier in the week with the fight with boys. Anyhow, with my injuries and Marie’s recent diagnosis of autism, I worked with Dr. Sancken and Dr. Eddy to take an extended medical leave for the rest of the year. Then, on July 1st, I’ll be starting as the head of curriculum and instruction. I’m going to telecommute three days a week and work in the office two days. Plus, I’d get a hefty pay raise and they’d pay for me to get my doctorate and superintendents endorsement.”

“Two Dr. Masens in the same house. That’s scary,” Alice snickered.

“Tell me about it,” I laughed. “How’s Evan, Rose?”

“Ugh, so much like his father, it’s hysterical. I mean, that boy is fucking huge,” Rose laughed. “How was Seattle?”

I told both of my friends about what happened in Seattle: the good and the bad. They were thrilled that Marie was talking and using her words. On the flip side, they were ready to seriously maim Dr. Kate.

Get in line, sisters.

We ordered our food and gossiped about the latest happenings at Cherry Blossom. Alice was trying to fend off the new music teacher who had developed a huge crush on her. Alice was his mentor and subsequently helped him out a great deal at the beginning of the school year. Now, he was following her like a lost puppy dog. Alice tried, on numerous occasions to explain to him that she was married with TWO children. He still flirted. Alice was tempted to get ‘Property of Jasper Whitlock’ tattooed on her forehead.

On a sad note, Rose told me that Jake had been really sick. He’d only been back at work for the past week but had been off since I had left Cherry Blossom. His battle with HIV was dragging on his system, plus having a toddler at home didn’t help the situation. Claire brought home more germs than imaginable and Jake was susceptible to all of them. Merritt had threatened Jake’s job but since Jake was a tenured teacher, he couldn’t rightfully do so. It was another reason why Merritt was placed on administrative leave besides my issues with him. I made mental note to contact Jake to see how he was doing.

We were finishing our desserts when Rose smiled at me impishly. “There is some good news to share,” she said.

“You won the lottery and are moving to Bora Bora?” I snickered.

“Alas, no,” Rose smiled. “I’m pregnant again.”

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