Saturday, October 1, 2011

La Cantante Teaser

“And that’s a wrap! Great first music video guys!” called the director, Micah said. “I should have a rough cut of it by this week and the premier of your video will be in two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” Jasper squeaked. “Kick ass.”

We all got off the hot stage. Alice handed me my rings and I slipped them on my fingers; my wedding set on my left hand and my promise ring on my right. I hated to take them off but Micah didn’t want us wearing our bling. It didn’t go with the feeling of the video. The concept for the song, “La Cantante” was our story. Edward and I played the main roles in addition to singing for the video. Or rather, mouthing the words. We had completed the acting portion of the video two days ago on location in New York City and were completing the performance aspect of it on the sound stage.

The story was about an innocent girl who moved to the big city to get away from a controlling ex-boyfriend. In walks her sexy musician neighbor and they hit it off. However, the ex-boyfriend didn’t stay away for long. He stalked the girl and eventually kidnapped her. The sexy neighbor, who is the girl’s boyfriend, loses his mind with worry. The girl is eventually found and they live happily ever after.

The two days that we filmed the story, I was a nervous wreck. Edward saw how much I was freaking out and he calmed me. It was rough reliving some of my darkest moments of my life on screen. But, I had my husband next to me. When Micah yelled cut, Edward took my face in my hands and assured me that we were getting our happily ever after. Our forever.

I love my husband.

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