Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Witch Way Teaser

I was so fucking close to ripping Tanya’s strawberry blond locks out of her head strand by strand. She touched and kissed MY Edward. He’s mine, bitch. Hands off my husband.

The sad part was I starting to believe her words that he would never want me. Edward has been unwaveringly loyal and proclaimed since the beginning of our relationship that I was it for him. Apparently that was my Achilles heel. I vowed after Edward and I fucked that I would never let her or anyone else tell me that Edward was not it for me. Our love is unstoppable. Will always be unstoppable. Nothing will prevent me from being next to my husband. He’s my life as I’m his.
We returned to the house in Denali. Everyone hugged us upon our return. Tanya was noticeably absent. Probably trying to find her arm in the Pacific Ocean or something. We all went into the house and began discussing plans for the upcoming battle with the Volturi. Alice’s vision had changed again. We still lost someone…who was still questionable, but it was still a loss. Our chances for victory were increasing every moment

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