Tuesday, September 13, 2011

La Cantante teaser...

Holy crap. I’m getting married tomorrow. My wedding is TOMORROW! I’m going to be Edward’s wife. His wife! We’re going to be married. My name is changing and I’m going to be his wife. Holy…GAH!

I cannot believe how quickly the time went. It seemed like yesterday that Edward and I were bumping into each other in Patterson. Sharing our first kiss. Making love for the first time. Performing in University Singers. Surviving Jacob Black.

Yeah, don’t really care for that one…asshat. He’s probably burning in hell for all that he did to me.

Fucking lunatic.

I was sitting in a spa, getting my nails done and my hair highlighted prior to our rehearsal. It wasn’t going to be long for the rehearsal. Just making sure that people knew where they were going. It was a tiny wedding. Our families and a few close friends. Everyone that we had invited had responded that they were coming.

Except my mom.

She said that she had to check her schedule.

I still hadn’t heard back from her. If she shows up, I’ll be surprised.

I was deeply hurt by her response. When I got the mail that day, Edward found me sobbing on the floor when he came home from work. He asked what was wrong and I handed him the RSVP. He growled and picked up the phone. He dialed Phil, whom he had become close to. They were on the phone for nearly an hour. Once Edward got off the phone, Phil said that Renee was still ‘jealous’ of our relationship. She was also hurt about a litany of things. None of them were even relevant.

I just sighed and tried to ignore the fact that my mother was probably not coming to my wedding.

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