Friday, September 23, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

I shot up in the bed and stared down at the sleeping man next to me. He had his arm draped over my middle with a smile gracing his face. I checked the clock and saw that it was a little after six in the morning. I lay back down and stared at my boyfriend. I have a boyfriend. Holy shit. This beautiful man lying next to me was my boyfriend.

God, even with scruff on his face and pillow lines creasing his skin, he was gorgeous.

 Edward sighed and pulled me closer. “Bella,” he murmured. “So, beautiful. My love.”


I stiffened in his arms and reflected on what he said. He’d call me love since our first phone call while he was in England. But, I talked to Alice about that and she said that was a British colloquialism of affection. He didn’t love me. Yet. I actually liked it when he called me ‘love.’ I felt special. But, isn’t it too soon to be his love? I mean, we’ve known each other for a few weeks. It’s too fast. Way too fast.

I scrambled out of the bed and frantically looked for my fleece. I found a napkin and wrote Edward a quick note.

Edward –

Went for a run. When you wake up, come down to my place for some breakfast. If you want.


I brushed his hair off his face before placing the note on the pillow that I used. I sighed and darted out of his apartment, locking his door with the key he had given me the day previous. I went down to my apartment and put on some running clothes. I stretched out and went for my run. I pushed myself to run as far as I could without injuring myself.

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