Monday, September 5, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

“You are a brat, Bella. Just because you are committing yourself to a life of chastity and purity, doesn’t mean that the rest of the world has to,” Emmett said as he turned me over and lifted my shirt.

“My sexual decisions are none of your concern, Emmybear,” I shot over my shoulder. “I haven’t had time for a boyfriend and God knows I’d never do anything with Jacob. Not that he hasn’t tried.”

“Have you even been kissed, Bella?” Emmett asked as he worked my lower back.

“Jimmy Spitz,” I replied.

“How old were you?”


“That doesn’t count, Bella,” Emmett sighed. “Anybody since you’ve gone through puberty?”

“No,” I said. “But, I don’t want to lose my focus.”

“Bellarina, you already lost your focus. You have no partner. No partner equals no focus,” Emmett said as he tweaked my ponytail. “Go out. Get drunk. Make out with a random boy. Have sex.”

“Emmett, I don’t want to have sex with some random stranger. Call me old fashioned but I want my first time to be with someone that loves me,” I sighed.

“That’s fair,” Emmett said. “But, Bella, you do need to have a good time. Alcohol is not going to kill you. Neither is having fun or having sex. Act like a normal 23 year old.”

“Emmett, I’m not a normal 23 year old. I’m a nationally and internationally recognized figure skater,” I said.
“You can still cut loose, Bellarina,” he said sagely.

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