Monday, August 15, 2011

The Next Chapter Update!


I had weighed every option. Every positive. Every negative. And I was no closer to a decision about the position that Dr. Sancken and Dr. Eddy offered me. I asked Edward what he thought and he said that whatever I decided to do, he's support me.

Thanks, baby. I need a little more help.

"Edward! I need your brain," I groaned from the office. He was doing the dishes from dinner. "Help!"
He came into the office and leaned against the door frame. The rag he was using to dry the dishes was draped over his shoulder. He was smiling with his brow raised. "Bella, I told you what I think. I can't make this decision for you," he said. "Did you make a list of pros and cons?"

"Yes, and they are solid arguments for taking the position and staying home," I moaned, plunging my hands into my hair.

"You've spent the past week with the kids and can you see yourself doing it long term or do you want
to work?" Edward asked.

"I absolutely love it. Now. But will the novelty wear off?" I asked, looking at my devastingly gorgeous husband. "God, you look scrumptious, Edward."

"Um, random," he snickered.

"Sorry. Just seeing a guy doing anything remotely domestic…phew! Anyhow, I don't know," I said.
"Why don't you come up with counter proposal? I mean, you can do some of the work from home, couldn't you?" Edward suggested. "Telecommute two days a week and work on site for three."

"This is why I needed your brain! You're brilliant, Edward!" I squealed.

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