Monday, August 8, 2011

The Next Chapter Update!

Fall Out

God, can this morning suck anymore? First, my kids are being ungrateful brats. Complaining about everything, especially waking up. Secondly, I fell and twisted my foot. Poor Edward who was running late for his neurology appointment had to wrap it up for me. Finally, Nessie shit in her crate and walked all over it. She is covered in poo.

Put a fork in me…I'm done.

"Alright kiddos! Mommy's got to go to work," I said. David barreled down the stairs in his jeans and sweater I put out for him. Lizzie and Marie were coming down in their matching outfits that Lizzie wanted to wear. I helped them put on their coats and shuffled them into my Audi. Once they were buckled, I eased the car out of the garage. I drove to Esme's. She unbuckled the kids and took them into the house, giving me a brief kiss on the cheek. I waved as I pulled out and drove to school.
I glanced at my workbag on the seat next to me. Inside was my resignation letter. I bit my lip and steeled myself for the onslaught that this was going to cause. "Breathe, Bella. This is for your babies. For your husband. For you," I said out loud. I parked my car and grabbed my bag. I went inside to the school. I walked into the office and asked Maryann if Mr. Merritt was available to speak with me. She told me to come down after announcements and he'd be free. I smiled and went to my office. I sent Edward a brief text.

I'm talking to Merritt after announcements. Say a prayer for me that he doesn't kill me – Bella

I support you, beautiful girl. Remember that I love you – Edward

Going to be out of reach for an hour so…MRI. Say a prayer for me, beautiful girl – Edward

Will do. Love you, Dr. McFuckme ;-) – Mrs. McFuckme

Xoxoxo – Edward

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