Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Geek's Guide To Parenthood - Update!

Viva Italia

"Bella, do you have our passports?" I asked.

"In my bag," she replied. "God, I need to pee. Again. Stop tap dancing on my bladder, kiddo. We are flying first class, right?"

"Yes, we are. We can still back out though," I said. "I don't want you…"

"I'm fine, Cullen," she said as she scurried to the bathroom. "She's just pushing on my bladder. I'll be good."

I did a final check of our bags and handed them to Ricky. He was going to traveling with us while Johnny stayed back at the house. It was the weekend following our baby shower and we were jetting off to Italy for ten days for my mother's wedding. Marcus, her fiancé, had proposed to her on New Year's Eve, right when the clock struck midnight at his Tuscan estate. The wedding was going to be held the next weekend. It was going to be a small affair. Demetri and I were the best men. Jasper and Alex were groomsmen. Bella and Alice were the matrons of honor. Rose was a bridesmaid. The guests included the bridal party, Marcus' brothers, Aro and Caius and their wives. Plus their children. On our side of the family it was going to be Carmen, Eleazar, my aunt and uncle, Tanya, my cousin, Felix, her boyfriend, Kate and Garrett, my other cousin and her husband, Irina and Kelly, my oldest cousin and her partner and Kyle, their son. Tim was also coming as Rosalie's guest. Esme did invite Charlie and Sue and Renee and Phil. However, they couldn't financially swing it. I offered to pay for their trips but Charlie was too proud to accept that and Renee said that she had taken off too much time from work.

"Okay, let's go before I have to pee again," Bella said as she breezed past me. I snickered and helped Ricky load up the car. He assisted Bella into the car and I slid in after her. Johnny drove the car to the airport and verified the time he was supposed to pick us up in ten days. Bella hugged him and said that she was going to miss him. She had grown very close with Johnny. They formed a friendly, almost sibling-like bond. Bella was Johnny's little sister and he'd do anything for her.

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