Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Geek's Guide To Parenthood - Teaser: Chapter Four

“Morning, Bella,” Esme said kindly. “I apologize for my daughter this morning. She told me about her barging into your room. Getting an eyeful of her brother.”

“I’ve seen more of my brother naked this past year than I have in my entire life,” Alice shuddered.

“It’s called knocking, Alice,” I said. “We don’t bother you and Jasper. We give you your privacy. Please remember boundaries. You too, Rosalie.”

“SGB has a fine ass,” Rose winked.

“SGB?” Esme asked.

“Sexy Geek Boy,” Rose and I replied. “Your son is the sexiest geek I’ve ever seen. So he earned the nickname of Sexy Geek Boy,” Rose further explained.

“And this is a good thing?” Esme laughed.

“Oh yeah,” I smiled. Then my cheeks flushed a bright pink. This is Edward’s MOTHER we’re talking to. That is just wrong. She does not need to know Edward’s sexual prowess in the bedroom. Though he is fucking awesome.

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